“We at Al-Wahab Rice Mills (Pvt) Limited are fully committed to continually improving all the processes involved in processing/supplying of rice by direct procurement of paddy from fields up to the dispatch of final product.

To meet our objectives Al-Wahab Rice Mills (Pvt) Limited will;

  • Strive to enhance and improve the performance by setting objectives and targets, which are continually reviewed to ensure they are understood, acted upon and met. Objectives shall be established and reviewed by the Management Team at Management Review Meetings or at any stage with reference to the company Quality Manager.
  • Ensure consistent food safety and quality performance through implementation and certification of an effective quality management system compliant to IFS, BRC, FSSC22000 , ISO-9001:2015 and Kosher standards and the Al-Wahab Rice Mills Pvt Ltd’s Quality standards of operation.
  • The achievement of our policy requires us to incorporate, develop and maintain products and service specifications to meet all our customers’ needs with regard to safety, legality and quality. Senior management are committed to achieving our objectives by providing the human and financial resources required through continual review and improvement of our food safety and quality management system which incorporates the principles of HACCP. We will comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory, Customer requirements, national & EU-legislation’s requirements that apply to products, processes, and activities.
  • The success of our policy depends on the co-operation of our suppliers and the commitment and enthusiasm of all our employees. To help us succeed we will operate a Food Safety and Quality Assurance System certified annually to be in line with the BRC – Food / IFS International Food Standard, FSSC-22000 and ISO-9001.
  • Comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Provide training, support, resources and encouragement to all its employees to ensure they realize their full potential in meeting the Quality Policy and its objectives.
  • Monitor compliance (yearly) and effectiveness of standards set through our Quality Management System, driving the embedding a quality, food safety and customer requirements within the organization.